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Social Media Marketing Services

There's no time like the present to get your presence on social media. We can now harness some extremely powerful tools to enable you to reach further, retain more and increase your profit. Contact us today to find out more.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Bespoke Profile Design
  • Social Media Contests
  • Paid Advertising & Bespoke Audience Targeting

Analytics Tracking Got Good

Facebook allows us to track analytics right down to specific details and demographics. Coupled with tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console and API's, we can track those analytics even further.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness means keeping your brand in your audiences view. We can successfully accomplish this by retargeting methods and strategies using social media to ensure you stay seen.

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Rules of Engagement

Engagement is a key factor in performance and sales, it's driving factor and the fuel for sales and interest in your products and services. We actively engage your audience with contests, offers and unique content, polls and competitions to encourage interest.

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Social Media Management

Our main social media package focuses on all aspects of managing your presence on Facebook and Instagram. You can find more information about our social media package by clicking the link below.

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Setup & Custom Profile Design

We incoporate a fresh design in our social media mangement package, however, we can create a design as a bespoke one off package if this is what you need. Fresh relevant content is essential to capturing interest from your audience.

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Social Media Paid Promotion

Our Facebook packages include a minimum budget set aside every month, specifically for the purpose of marketing content to your selected audience. Facebook allows us to create extremely specific audience profiles and we spend a huge amount of effort finding this audience.
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We'll actively try and get your page verified as a business, meaning we'll get you ranking higher in Facebook search results. The better the page, the better the ranking, which is why we adopt a fresh new design, unique content, plenty of engagement from your audience and factor in all of this when targeting your audience for advertising.
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See How Well Your Current Page Performs

We'll offer you a free, no obligation consultation if you have an existing page, which will give you an idea of how to improve it and how we can help you accomplish this.

Our Social Media Consultants undertake Facebook’s Blueprint training and are extremely adept in all aspects of Facebook Marketing.