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PPC Marketing & Advertising

We use Google AdWords for our PPC listings and can guarantee you a top paid listing. If you're looking for instant results, talk to us today about the keywords you want to be found for.
  • Keyword research and negative keyword application.
  • Managed PPC listings with mathematical precision means we can avoid budget wasted on keywords Google shows you for erroneously.
  • Guaranteed position in the top 3 advertisement spots on Google's first page SERP listings for the keyword(s) you choose.
Video Advertising
We provide a video advertising service through PPC listings. If you need a video for this purpose, we can also provide that. It's important to get the mix of length and content right when marketing video toward your audience.
PPC Remarketing
Easily retarget customers who have visited your website, made purchases, abandoned their cart in your online shop and show advertisements to repeating customers, keep that customer retention high.
Social Advertising
If you're looking for a social media advertising campaign, we can accomplish this outside of our normal social media packages if it's a standalone product you're looking for. Social Media has many benefits to advertising, to find out more click below.
Display Advertising
Google Display Network means we can place adverts across over 2 million individual websites and can reach over 90% of everyone on the internet. If it's visuals you want to advertise, this is the campaign you need.
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