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Intel Digital DNS

How to use your domain with Intel Digital

Intel Digital’s platform run on it’s own nameservers, meaning our clients can utilise our DNS services giving you the fastest DNS resolving for your location. Not only does this mean we have complete control over our DNS, but it also means we can leverage failover properties. So in the case that one of our nameservers are unavailable our DNS records are still held elsewhere, meaning domain names still resolve correctly and DNS is able to be updated and edited normally without interruption.


Amethyst is our main web hosting server and nameserver, built with best in class intel CPU’s and optimised for machine learning and CPU intensive applications.


Jade is our first dedicated DNS server and can be reached at


Citrine is the second of our dedicated nameservers and can be reached at

Using Intel Digital nameservers

To host content with Intel Digital, you’ll need to change your domains nameservers to our own. If you purchased or plan to purchase a domain name through us, this will be set automatically.

If you do not have a domain name purchased with us, you can either transfer your domain name to us or you can change your nameservers at your current registrar. To transfer your domain name to us, click here to find out more information.

Select your registrar below to show instructions on changing your nameservers over to Intel Digital, if yours is not listed, and the other examples aren’t helpful – contact us for further help.