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Where it all began

Intel Digital, formed in 2017; is an agency built with the businessman in mind

Intel Digital was formed through sheer passion for technology and the internet, bundled with the skillsets from spending over a decade in the internet communications industry.

We perform to the best of our abilities to bring our UK business customers and clients to the forefront of technology and the internet.

  1. Sep, 2006
    Where it all began

    Most of the people working for us have at least this much experience in hand, meaning all of us have at least a decade of experience in the IT, Communications, Media & Marketing industries. We know our stuff. Which means, we can give you the best of the best.

  2. Jan, 2016
    The Company Foundation

    In 2016, our founder was a sole trader working as a freelance tech consultant being outsourced by a local technology company, much of his experience here inspired the creation of Intel Digital.

  3. Jan, 2017
    Incorporated as a Limited Company

    While working as a freelancer, our founder saw how much he could offer to customers in business in the UK and decided to open his own agency, deploying the crème de la crème of the internets offerings to the people who were missing out. In January of 2017, he went limited and founded BTR Global Holdings Limited and Intel Digital was born.

  4. Feb, 2018
    Intel Digital become an Accredited UK Registrar

    In February of 2018, almost exactly 1 year after incorporaton, Intel Digital were awarded accredited channel partner status by Nominet the UK domain authority, an incredible achievement.

We're leading SEO providers

We have created in-house cutting edge software, to tailor a package to your businesses unique SEO needs, we have over a decade experience in the industry.

We're your social media experts

We have adopted the latest and greatest in social media, specifically Facebook; to offer your business a foundation in which your customers can directly interact with.

High Quality Website & Content Design

We have in-house designers that create all of our quality websites and digital content. Offering unbelievable packages at affordable prices.

PPC with Qualified Google account managers

We have Google Certified account managers that handle all of our Google Pay Per Click packages, so you can rest assured your advertising is in good hands.

Meet The Squad

We have many hard working staff, without them we wouldn't achieve the best for our customers. The fellows below are the companies finest men.
Ben Ravetta
Ben Ravetta


Elliot Moss
Elliot Moss

Social Media Guru

Philip Demarco
Philip Demarco

Senior Developer


Team Mascot

Our Vision

We see the future being a fight for the internet, literally. So we're doing what we can now, while we can, with what we have. We're hoping to expand our business into other areas in the future. But for now, we want to give our customers the best of what the internet offers their business, at affordable prices.